Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The A Twelve Incher

Fiction never got round to popping the second single from The Affectionate Punch out until September 1981 ( more than a year after the first). The twelve inch version of A/ Would I Bounce Back is a wonderful step up in production values and leaves behind the sparseness of the original album tracks for a much fuller sound.

When The Affectionate Punch was remixed and re-released on the back of Sulk a couple of years later, for many including Billy and Alan it was a disappointment. Billy had given up on it, re-recording a couple of half hearted vocals and leaving Mr Rankine to complete the synthy overdubs and finish the thankless mess. What came out was certainly a new take on the original album but it was not what it could have been.

This twelve inch version of A/ Would I Bounce Back shows us what a re-recorded and remixed version of The Affectionate Punch might have sounded like. It is a pity they never mixed the entire Affectionate Punch in this mould. It's still as fresh as a daisy. Great.


Sid Law


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