Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wild and Lonely Outernational

I thought I'd post about a bundle of demos. A delightful bag of goodies! Four demos for "Wild and Lonely" (Fever, Fire To Ice, Where There's Love and The Glamour Chase) recorded at REL studios in 1989. The musicians are Blair Booth and Philip Erb who Billy had worked with before on Cinemas Of The World. I was listening to the whole "Wild and Lonely" CD again a few weeks back and I must confess to being rather disappointed in it. Some of it really claws at me. But the demos really sound fresh and immediate.
Some Outernational demos were recorded in London in 1991. Three demos from those sessions Outernational, Sacrifice And Be Sacrificed and Grooveature. Not sure who the musicians are on them.

Happy New Year!

Sid Law

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