Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Up here in Scotland we've finally thawed out from four weeks of deep freeze. We succumbed to 2 burst pipes, 1 exploded radiator, a car battery freeze out, 10 days when the temperature didn't rise above -15 C and eight days of school closures. I'm just off to pop the steak pie in the oven, so today it's just a wee scan from The Face from way back in 1982. A reminder to us that summer did exist at one time. Here Billy McKenzie models a thrilling kind of black and white checked shirt and sports some knee length short trouser type things. As for Martha... why wasn't she the global superstar sex-goddess she so deserved to be?

All the best for 2011

Sid Law


  1. thank you for your blog! :) here i found something i never thought i'd be able to find. unknown treasures...

    greetings from Russia:) and all the best to you too

  2. Thank you too for this blog. There are so many mixes and things I thought I would never have my hand on and thanks for the 320 quality!

  3. This is a truly amazing blog - I have learnt so much - I have downloaded so much also - thank you for sharing

  4. Hi Sid, Just stumbled across your amazing blog. And I thought I had everything Billy had ever done!!!! Thanks *so* much for your wonderful efforts here - much appreciated!