Saturday, 5 May 2012

Country Paradise

Today I recieved some great 320 rips of a couple of rare promos from the archive. I've described the uniqueness of some of the individual tracks from these before and I'm only too delighted to have been given these.
The promo CD single of Country Boy had a couple of unique tracks on it. The version of Just Cant Say Goodbye included on it is a delight, an uncluttered production with Billy giving a fine vocal performance and the overall sound untroubled by Julian Meddlesome. It's as fresh as a daisy. For ultra completeists the Billy-less Dub Mix of Heart of Glass is only to be found on this promo (which was also circulated on a 12" and 7").

The promo CD single of Pastime Paradise which slipped out just before Circa went down the tubes had a clutch of unique variants... Outernational II, Because You Love (from the at-the-time unheard Glamour Chase) plus the saxed-up US Mix of Ever Since That Day. Casting my ears back over this single's title track, I reckon some knob twiddling had gone on with Pastime Paradise on the CD, maybe just some subtle EQ-ing for radio play or maybe my ears are just getting old!

So thanks very much to Anthony for these fine packages. 

Enjoy what we have.

Sid Law


  1. Hi there,

    Many thanks for all the fantastic posts. As a fan since the first time I heard their version of Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging" in 79, it is so good to find such rare treats.

    By way of payback, I recently came across these two bootlegs and wondered if you already had copies. If you have - oh well; if not - enjoy.

    Associates: Nottingham Boat Club: 28th October 1980

    Associates: London ICA: 2nd September 1980

    All the best,

    Herbal T

  2. People who are happy to sign up for the "download provider" programme which apparently hosts these files should go ahead. Myself? I dont like the spyware, drop down ads, malware and scamware attached to this "download provider" programme (such as "1 click download") etc. Why not just host them on Rapidshare, etc? Save messing with folks computers?
    But thank you anyway for your kind comments!